Masters of Old World Finishes

Why Use Robert's Finishes?

Principal and Founder, Robert Howard, has decades of experience creating the finest finish work possible under the guidance and critical eye of world reknown interior designer Charles Faudree of Tulsa. Robert is now continuing his craft for an array of designers and individuals.

Robert's Finishes uses only the finest materials combined with decades of experience to create the perfect finish for your project.

We produce a finished product that will stand the test of time and hold up well under regular use. If one of our finishes becomes damaged, we keep records such that we can return and touch up the finish and return the item to its original state.

Our Clientele

We serve both the family and the industry professional primarily in the Tulsa metro area. However, we have been known to travel hundreds of miles to perform work in vacation homes or those of referrals.

Our work is found in the finest homes in the region, local universities and businesses, and those of well known celebrities. However, anyone with a refined sense of taste and vision for beautiful finish work should contact us about their needs, large or small.